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Between Our Nakba and their Independence!


By Fadi Abu Sa'da- to start with, we never forgot our Nakba (Catastrophe in English) in order to have one day of the year to commemorate it. The Nakba became part of the harsh mummeries that we have, while they (the Israelis) have decided to implement a military siege on us to commemorate their independence. This independence comes this year while historical battle is being fought. The battle of the hunger strike by the Palestinian political prisoners inside the Israeli occupation jails demanding freedom and dignity.

Our Nakba does not mean the fall of our lands in the hands of our occupiers only, but the worse which is that its continues in different forms, and killer details that may destroy our determination and divert us from our real goals, that we always call for to obtain our freedom and independence.

While political prisoners are on hunger strike, some since three months, and some for three weeks, we only see few dozen stands in solidarity with them at different squares across Palestine. And while some journalists are calling for a general hunger strike across the country to support the political detainees we see coffee shops and restaurants all over the country are full of diners and customers.

Our Nakba is when three men in Gaza had strokes because of the Spanish Classico between Real-Madrid and Barcelona; it did not happened because of their cause or prisoners hunger strike. Our Nakba is when cars march at night celebrating the wing of this team or that, not in solidarity with their cause or the prisoners' one.

The Nakba goes beyond that, while they celebrate their independence and realize it on the ground we have realized our Nakba and mark it every year without moving one step forward. Instead we fight and did not reconcile, we even believed the illusion that we live in an independent state and seek a recognition for it.!

The Nakba is to lie and believe it, as we know that we are wrong and still did not do anything about it, we also refuse to change our way of thinking and continue to lie until we forgot our brothers and sisters on hunger strike that are fighting for their freedom. We continue to live the routine of our lives without caring for anything.

Our real Nakba is the loss of belonging feeling to something, or if it exists, in most cases to something not Palestinian, maybe due to the lake of official attention to the youth and their demands, and to the problems and causes of the entire nation, even the occupiers and their occupation as it continues our Nakba in all of its forms while we accept it and remain silent.