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Carter and the American presidents and politicians!

Fadi Abu Sada- There is no doubt that the visit of the former President of the United States of America Jimmy Carter to the Middle east, specifically his meetings with “Hamas” and its leadership in and out of Palestine, constituted an important breakthrough, at least from the Hamas point of view, under American and international boycott imposed on the movement, the issue that could not be hidden is that “most American presidents and politicians change their opinions on the Palestinian Israeli struggle after the end of their rule, even if Carter was an advocate of peace!”

Despite the efforts of President Bill Clinton before the expiration of his mandate, which was during Camp David negotiations, he also tried to do something for himself before leaving the White House, while his wife Hillary the candidate for the American Presidency, is trying to use us as a winner card in the elections which is almost their.

Madeleine Albright also spoke and said more often in her book after she left the White House, she also visited Palestine more than once after that, the same example applies for the "notorious" Colin Powell, talking about peace and Palestinian rights, which we must get.

"George Bush" away from the changed circumstances, while the United States fall in many and large swamps, he looks to be trying to use the same winning cards, and I have no doubt that he will say much after being outside the White House, although he is described as the devil, even by the Americans themselves!

I think it is very easy to understand, first of all, because our demands are fair, and no one is able to deny it or work against it, second “the American policy has failed completely to stay alongside Israel, while what Israel doing in the region is one of the main reasons of it’s failure in everything, especially as we are asking for our rights, third is that the "alleged American security" needs a solution for the Palestinian Israeli struggle, because it is not reflected the Middle East only, but the entire world.

We are not against anyone trying to help us, and Carter was welcomed by all Palestinian spectra, and not welcomed by Israel same as they welcome usually the American Presidents, Carter expressed great respect for all Palestinian, he had visited the tomb of the late Arafat, met with the leadership of Hamas, which are International taboo According to the perverted world.

I guess the better and more respected if one of the American presidents or politicians say it loudly while they are inside the White House, especially that our rights can no longer be ignored or denied, I barely doubt that it will be done!