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The coming war

Fadi Abu Sada - There is no doubt for anyone following the US media in general, and policy in particular, that the present American administration intends to foment public American opinion to be in favor of the coming war. Iran is the target, along with anything else in its way. This is in accordance with US interests, particularly with the beginning of the countdown of the end to the current US President’s reign. Bush will soon be out of the White House. With the current chatter about the timing, the countdown may begin after the “Israeli celebrations” of the Palestinian Nakba.

Another indicator is what is happening with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, with a long line of corruption charges and scandals in his wake. In Israel they are accustomed to the process being that if the government is about to collapse, they use the army in an attempt to unify the domestic front.

Whereas if this scenario happened and Olmert resigned and announced early elections in Israel, the top candidate will be Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who does not have more than the trump card over the military offensive on Gaza, according to political analysts and decision makers in Israel. Regardless, what is happening in the Jewish state leads in the same direction in preparation for the coming war.

In the midst of what goes on in Israel, the situation exploded in Lebanon abruptly. Regardless of the causes and what happened, it lead to international intervention in view of all parties linked to regional and international countries, apart from flooding Lebanon with arms to all parties. We are now led to believe that even if a civil war is not wishful thinking, it is certainly another indication of the congestion that exists in the region, which will lead us into a war at the regional level.

Moscow, which was very encouraged to convene an international peace conference on the Middle East following Annapolis, has become contrarian. With the Israeli intransigence, the country has stepped out due to the fact that negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis did not move forward at all. At the same time, Arabs do not believe, and particularly the head of the Arab League, Amr Mousa, that the agreement between the parties could happen before the end of this year. If it did, that would certainly anger those that have come closest to the blasting destruction of the entire region.

Iran emerged in the ongoing sequence of events from afar, regardless if Iraq is in flames or flared again, or in the "new" Beirut or even in Gaza and Palestine generally, it is in preparation for all possibilities. This is in reference to the Israeli military position that Iran is in possession of nuclear weapons; it is in the final stages. But we cannot determine this considering what happened regarding the lies that Iraq had weapons which were never found.

The stupid US administration, who lost in April 4,000 of its soldiers, has not seemed to have learned a lesson from that, despite renewed resistance in Afghanistan, and the lack of control of Pakistani and Islamic groups. They are still used by Israel and what it wants, and it seems Israel has settled and readied itself this time, and decided to attack Iran in spite of all the possibilities raised by this scenario. We cannot say that we know exactly when this impending and long-threatened attack on Iran will be; we only know that it will be very soon.

Losers in this impending regional war will be many people; the first and foremost being the Palestinian people living in the memorial of 60 continuing years of Al Nakba. The second losers will be the Lebanese who do not seem to know how to rest between one war and the next in their country. And, of course, the losers are the Iraqi people who are still losing through this moment. God bless us all if the war begins.