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Discrepancies between the Nakba and "independence"

Fadi Abu Sada- The U.S. president George Bush Not only came to Israel to participate in the sixtieth anniversary of what used to be called “independence” on the ruins of our Nakba, but during his speech at the Israeli Knesset, Bush told then that they will celebrate the 120 anniversary of the "independence" which may lead us to think that we the Palestinians will be passing the 120 memorial of the Nakba!

How can I do not want to think so, while Bush wants them to the celebration of "independence" after another sixty years! How can I do not think so, while Condoleezza Rice also said that to reach peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis before the end of this year, may not be possible!

Nakba after another, not only at the level of the number of sixty years, we now live in many Nakbas, no national unity, not even a homeland to talk about, while we are not united, it is the new Nakba after the sixtieth, and now we can know what they planned already for our future!

The other Paradoxically, came after the latest internal fighting between the Lebanese, or what some people wanted to call " Hezbollah coup", an urgent meeting of the Arab League in Cairo, who rushed to Beirut and were able to accomplish agreement even for a dialogue at the present time, but at the level of leaders, while they could not do anything for us, and we still at the same point, and deserve an answer to that!

Another irony, the end of George Bush's period at the White House, while his friend Olmert on the verge of drowning in the quagmire of corruption and bribery within the Israeli series of scandals, and here is the candidates for the presidency of the United States, first of them Republican "John McCain", who visited Israel and appeared to be a Jew more than the Jews themselves, while Democrats compete for others closer to backing Israel's security and peace, what are we waiting for!

Those who claim to support the Palestinian people are forming other irony, as there was a meeting held at the Palace of Culture in the West Bank city of Ramallah attended by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, for the Arab and foreign diplomats accredited to the PA, where I was told that not even one European did not attend the meeting, as they went to celebrate the Israeli "independence", seems we do not deserve to stand with us after sixty years of the Nakba!

It seems that such ironical things will continue to happen inevitably, and such ironies does not seem to occur only with us Palestinians, but this is politics, which is a dirty game, and this is a world in which we live, which is very pervert one, But what can I say ... we only have God for all of this!