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The execution of trees in Palestine

Fadi Abu Sada- Since the early days of my childhood I have passed the road between Bethlehem and Jericho or Ramallah. I watch the olive trees and the way they are chopped, looking as if they have been executed like humans, their heads severed from their bodies. When I was small I did not know the reason for this and became weighted down wondering about the meaning of “security concerns.” I saw that Israel used this concept as a flimsy argument to excuse its actions and no one believe any of it.

ImageThese images have stuck with me for many years. For the first time, when I was just returning to Palestine from a media conference in Norway, I stopped on the Jericho road and photographed the trees. I have always wanted to write about these trees but the words escaped me no matter how many times I have expressed myself with ease on other subjects. And certainly this one is nothing new to occupation and living under it in Palestine.

Many people have said with the utmost sincerity that Israel is engaged in the destruction of everything that is Palestine. They say, “Execution of human beings, stones and trees.” It is true. Israel has destroyed so many Palestinians in cold blood, without reason or with. The stone that rocks the land has become a living witness to the bulldozers demolishing houses during day and night, replaced by settlements.

ImageAs for the trees, Israel has uprooted hundreds of thousands, particularly from agricultural land, to build settlements and the racist Wall. They say it is for Israeli security. How can that be? The Israeli executed most of the trees from all the main roads of West Bank cities, where they have army bases or settlements, certainly for fear that Palestinians will attack from behind the trees.

It is surprising that Israel has always shown an interest in the environment, and talks about how to maintain it. And even worse they openly dump solid chemical waste on our land without anyone able to stop them. It is well-reported, known and proven. And they destroy our trees in order to preserve their security!

Granted we are under occupation which means that everything is permissible for the Israelis in Palestine. But the scene of the trees itself is sufficient to exemplify pain and where we stand in our lives and in our country.

A simple comparison with Norway: it’s all about the river and the greenness of the forest trees, but then I returned to my homeland to witness “the execution of the trees” while I can not do anything to stop it. Isn’t this the real injustice?