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Youth representation needed in the local elections

Fadi Abu Sada – Heated debate had started recently all around West Bank communities regarding the local municipal elections slated for next July. While Different political groups and families meet to discuss ways of agreement; youth remains out of the equation.

The legacy of the families control mixed with political groups representation in the Palestinian society have casted a heavy burden on the youth and became an obstacle on their way to the Municipality or the Legislative Council.

Every family and political group take its narrow interest, aiming at preserving the social status, without any consideration to the public good, the development of the country, our society or future generation.

 No share for the youth in development, no groups has a clear project for us to consider, which makes it even more complicated and bring us back to the wrong general belief in this country; the interest of the political group or family is above all others.

The sad truth here that the majority runs after the political and family interest without concerns to the dangers of this methodology and the fact that most nation have stopped implementing it and made the general good above all other interest.

From past experience the narrow agendas have always obstructed bringing the right person to the right place, and made wrong people handle public afire positions that effect people lives and future.

The time has come for youth to take the initiative and work for a better more powerful representation in the upcoming elections. Let’s not squander more chances for change, for the benefit of our country, our future and the future of our children.

It’s a very harsh reality to see that youth avoid confrontation sometimes to escape failure. We need to insist on our demands for change and to become the leaders for the future; for what benefits it can bring to our society.

I am not against the family relations or political groups for that matter, but I demand a chance for the youth that are willing to invest themselves in building our country, and not those who invest the country for their own benefit.