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Divided In Media and Country

Fadi Abu Sada – The change was necessary in the Palestinian Journalist’s Syndicate which was first established twenty years ago, regardless of all the reservations that took place during the election process in mid-March which brought a new director.

The new director only represents us in the West Bank excluding those in Gaza simply because they did not take part in the electoral process. Regardless of that we have to move forward and reevaluate all aspects of this syndicate to really represent the reason it originally exists. That main purpose is to serve and protect the freedom of speech in this country.

The new director of the syndicate is still trying to reach out to Gaza by visiting the territory in an attempt to bridge the gap between the two parts of the Palestinian territories, which started with the Hamas/Fatah infighting four years ago.

We know the director is trying to establish this visit with the help of the International Federation of Jornalists and the Arab Journalists Syndicate. I think that the journalists in Gaza should arrange for his visit, even though they did not approve of what happened in the latest elections in order to listen to the other side. We should stop talking about two different entities, that being the West Bank and Gaza and instead we should be taking about one media body that serves unanimously.

The International Federation of Jornalists is planning an official visit to Gaza Strip soon to meet all journalists there. I call upon everyone not to miss this chance because these people are coming to listen to your stories and talk about the freedom of movements of Palestinians between the fragmented parts of our country as well as the continued attacks on us as journalists from all sides. They will also discuss with you and your rights in the syndicate.

We must not oppose all the time, we could always benefit from little steps here and there because we all work for a powerful syndicate that protects us. It preserves our rights amidst a conflict torn occupied country. Our syndicate has been recently accepted in the World Journalist Syndicate recently in Spain, which is an accomplishment that we have to benefit from.

Our syndicate is talking about new membership procedures and laws which will limit the number of individuals that we have in the syndicate. The syndicate will also issue new membership cards, so why don’t we give them this chance and the limited time which could only be done in a year and a half.

I ran for the Syndicate and I failed and I still oppose what happened. This doesn’t mean that we can’t fight from within the syndicate itself, but people should be given a chance. This chance could be the lead to a more powerful and much professional syndicate for all of us without any one individual being excluded; a syndicate no longer divided that could lead us to more hardships than we are in now because of the geographical and political division! This is something worth stopping at thinking of.