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Do we Have A Strategy for the Boycott War with Israel!

Fadi Abu Sada – We have waited for so long for the boycott campaigns of Israeli settlement products as well as the boycott of Palestinian workers to those settlements.

Since the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising) back in the late 80’s attempts to make such a move did not stop until they became a reality. Recently, the new law by the Palestinian president made it illegal to purchase or sell the settlements products. Popular campaigns that support that law and other campaigns such as destroying settlements products, visiting homes, and raising awareness about this resistance is crucial

The fist problem that the Boycott campaign are faced with is work inside settlements; as the Palestinian economy are week and can’t integrate the work force with the lake of planning and strategies by the Palestinian government.

Another obstacle that the Boycott campaign are faced with is that settlement factories are now trying to mislead the Palestinian consumers by labeling their products with Arabic names and the fact that some Palestinian companies are marketing those products for the settlements. I call those companies’ owners’ the “Death Dealers” because they only care about the fast profit even if it means damaging the new form of resistance.

Israel is also attempting to thwart the Boycott campaign, in recent days Israeli department stores opened shopping stations in contact areas across the West Bank; in areas that Palestinians can reach to and buy from there, those shops mostly use settlement goods. Since our economy is connected to the Israeli one; even though the individual income is lower in the Palestinian areas, the cost of living is nearly the same, which is what made people go and shop in those low prices department stores.

The new stores that have low prices compared with what we have; what have we done to protect our Boycott campaign; we have found more options to the Palestinian consumer to match average income!

The holy month of Ramadan is coming soon; everyone knows that because people shop more the prices go up insanely, but who is to blame? How are we planning to fight the Israeli new policy and continue the Boycott war? I hope there is one because this new front has expanded and are taking many forms that we need to face and challenge!