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Why Did You Leave President Abbas Out There Alone?

Fadi Abu Sa’da- PNN Editor in Chief– We all know the fact that we are pressured to go to direct talks with Israel.  We also know that this conflict can only be solved by negotiations.The odd thing is the clear attempt to leave the Palestinian President Abbas out alone on this, as if he decided to enter into talks by himself, without consulting all relevant sides, which makes one doubt that there is an attempt to finish the man in one way or the other.

President Abbas went to the Arab League trying to recruit leaders for the most critical cause and their responsibility.  They were quick in giving him the green light of the direct talks with Israel, which was the first blow, since none of those leaders can say no to the United States.

The second blow came from the Palestine Liberation Organization. President Abbas  headed up the meeting of the PLO’s  Exucative Committee,  in which all present decided to go for the direct talks. Shortly after parties from the Central Committee started to doubt the possible success of the talks and then refused to go ahead; chiefly, the two leftists groups the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front For the Liberation.

The knockout came from the President Abbas’ Fatah party; when the group leaders considered the upcoming Washington summit at the beginning of September to be just a dinner party, while adding that we are entering a critical period, either by withdrawing from the talks if settlement construction continues in the West Bank, or not agreeing on the basis of those talks; as to whether it should be the Quartet decision, the continuation of the Oslo Accords or the U.S- backed road map peace plan.

President Abbas announced weeks earlier that the Palestinian leadership is under great pressure and is being threatened with everything if we do not go for talks. This affirms that we had no really choice between going or not going for talks. So why are we trying to escape this responsibility that lies on all our shoulders?

We know that this new round of talks have a high chance of failing, we also know that chances of establishing a state has already been destroyed by Israel already due to the facts on the ground, adding the fact that we are left along without a neutral party overlooking the peace talks or the conflict in general. But all of this does not mean that the responsibility lies on one person only, as we already know that if any breakthrough happens many will clam the victory. This is how you handle leadership.

Israel was very fast in preparing evasive maneuvers, and already made some success by forcing security on the agenda of the new talks; something which has been refused.  What we have done to counter that? Aren’t we in desperate need of a unified opinion since we are fractured physically and politically? Isn’t unity important to counter our weakness? We should stop stabbing each other in the back and stand united as one and not leave the president out there alone.