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Al Jazeera Directs another Bad Movie

By Fadi Abu Sada*- I can’t believe even for one minute that the so-called Al Jazeera TV “exposure” of Palestinian-Israeli negotiation documents came from the Qatar-based station alone—it was coordinated with the Qatari leadership and I am tempted to say that it was also coordinated with Syria and Iran.

As a Palestinian, I do not care what those documents include because they’re only minutes of meetings and during those meetings, one says what one likes. The most important issue is the final deal and what will come out of it. 

In Qatar, they thought that the time was right in the Palestinian territories to do something close to what happened in Tunisia, but they were wrong. Maybe they wanted to destroy the Palestinian Authority with some cunning plan, playing sad music and bringing out so-called experts paid to appear in this badly directed film.

What motivates me to say all this is a number of questions that have not been answered until now: for instance, who leaked those documents? Who benefits from their exposure? And why were they shown as if the refugees had already lost their right of return and Jerusalem had become the capital of Israeli without any discussion? All those questions, purely professional, hunt Al Jazeera now.

Meanwhile in Palestine, we have been busy trying to get new countries to recognize the Palestinian state on lands occupied in 1967 and getting close to presenting the settlement issue in the UN Security Council—thereby making it an international issue against the wishes of Israel and the USA.

We boycotted settlement products and cleaned our local market of them, and we are building in every area of our country that we can. Nevertheless we get stabbed in the back from an Arab news channel. Of course this makes use stop and wonder about the reason!

We are fighting the most right-wing government in the history of Israel, led by two extremists, Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman. They want us to fight each other and they do not want us to achieve reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah. Our cause is much bigger than a couple of documents of meeting minutes between negotiation teams!

Neither Qatar nor Syria nor Iran has played any real role in supporting the resistance as they claim. The resistance in Gaza, under the control of Hamas, is being forced into a truce with the occupation.

What has Syria done about the Golan Heights to support its people under occupation there? Did Iran give anything to the Palestinian cause, or has it just used us as a card to pressure the United States and Israel over the Iranian nuclear program?

Things are much clearer that we think. It does not need much thinking to discover the intention behind Al Jazeera’s latest film. Qataris should work on their internal issues and stop playing with other people’s files.

They have to prove to their people first that they are concerned about Jerusalem and support its people, not just pledge money at the Arab League summits and refuse to send it. We can manage without them. If we did it before, we might be in a much better situation today!

Al Jazeera fails to present itself as the WikiLeaks of the Arab world because they present the documents the way they want, whereas WikiLeaks releases documents to its readers as they are. Qatar and its allies have failed to achieve their goals. We have seen in the past 62 years many attempts to destroy our cause, but it has survived because is a just one. Let this be a lesson for those who wish to try!

The writer is: Palestine News Network, PNN Editor in Chief