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The Arab Nonviolence Revolutions and the Final Word

Fadi Abu Sa’da– After the surprise we got in Tunisia and the success of the youth revolution in overthrowing and expelling the Egyptian president, we could not find words to say.

What made it even more difficult was the Egyptian youth revolt, which took to the streets in an organized, nonviolent way that we had not seen before. It was clear that these youth were not being led by outdated opposition groups or foreign agendas. They were leading themselves.

It was a true nonviolent uprising, a second example in this big Arab world, that the will of the people always wins and that the army will support the people and not leaders. This created a new reality in Egypt, the cradle of civilization, a reality that reached all Arab countries. It presented a new image of Arab civilization that had been forgotten.

Even US President Barack Obama was forced to comment on the events in Egypt after the ouster of Mubarak, recalling Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. But this time, they were the Egyptian youth, the Facbook Youth, who led the nonviolent struggle forgotten for so many years in the Arab world.

In Palestine we can use nonviolent resistance to end the longstanding Israeli occupation, but we have to believe it. We have to start serious work to achieve that long-awaited dream. We have youth and energy against the tyranny and oppression forced upon us. All that is left is to revolt against Israeli tyranny and end, at last, of the occupation of our land.

It was odd, in Palestine, to listen to some people talk about the examples of Gandhi and Martin Luther King and their nonviolent struggle. But it was reassuring to know that people can, if they have the will, change their situation. Every one of us can individually change many things--so if we are unified, we can decide to end this occupation!

The time, redemption began in the Maghreb and moved to Egypt. It surely can reach the East, as well. Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Salaam Fayyad announced that our state will be ready in September. Then we have to prepare for this maturation, for this great victory which is not for us as Palestinians alone, but for all those free in the world who support human dignity.

What is left then is to announce our readiness to end the occupation and not back down from this choice, to prepare for zero hour, the time when we get our dignity and our rights back, the UN declarations that have been forgotten for so long. We are waiting for a new dawn in Palestine, which will come when we are free. We give great thanks and salute the Tunisian and Egyptian people.

PNN Editor in Chief