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American Veto and the Revolution we Wait for!

Fadi Abu Sada – It looks like the American administration did not learn from what happened in Tunisia and its week position towards that Jasmine revolution. ArchiveIt does not look like that what the USA attempts to learn from its mistakes in Tunisia by supporting the Egyptian revolution have worked either. It also clear that their observation to  what is happening in Lbyia, Bahrain and other Arab countries is not serious, and continue to make the same mistakes.

US secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, said two days ago that the UN Security Council resolutions are not the right way to move forward towards reaching the final two states solution to end the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Clinton made that decision suddenly! While we are waiting for 62 years and getting resolution after the other, in a time where Clinton and her administration do not see that its right for Palestinians but is good and they strongly support it everywhere else in this strange world!
The American Administration seems unaware that the changes that is happening in the Arab nations on the hands of youth will not necessarily be following the current US policy or continue it; even though those revolutions are demanding democracy and social justice. I am nearly sure that those human values will not be by American standards.

People in the USA always mocked Arab leaders because of their long standing ruling time, some that ruled for 40 years and still in office and some finished 30 years of ruling before was forced to leave. What we should tell them after we have been waiting for 62 years for the US to change its policies towards us, at time when they use veto once more towards a critical issue in the final statues negotiations that is settlements?!.

I do not know how they resist the fact that the Jewish lobby controls their policies, I also can’t understand how they say that the resolution to the Palestinian cause is vital for the US national security, and use veto against it. How they want us to have a country in a time they reward the government of a long standing occupation, I only can explained it with “irony of destiny”.

We know that the US administration represented by President Obama is fairly young, and we know that they want to see young leadership in the Arab world, but what they do not know that their policies are driving them to the edge of abyss, those policies are also driving us to call for a youth revolt inside the USA to change their unbearable polices towards our just cause in Palestinian in particular and all over the Arab and Islamic world in general!

To Barak Obama, President of the United states of America, your policy have failed in every country you tried to change as you wished, from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Korea, Iran and many others, how you can keep doing this without a total review to your polices and try to change it, maybe you can retain back some of your lost credibility by saying and not doing, I do not think you have much time, your losses are great already, I hope you understand! 

PNN’s Editor in Chief