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Let us Announce a Shadow Government!

Fadi Abu Sadaa– without doubt efforts by Palestinian youth to end the Hamas Fatah division between Gaza and the West Bank is getting a wide sport and respect and is impressing leaders in both sides.

Youth Call for National Unity – PNN Photos What gave the efforts more leverage is Prime Minster Salam Fayyad initiative when he asked people to help in ending the division by being more involved which gave everyone the responsibility to take courageous moves to end the internal turmoil.   

In light to resent developments such as the local elections in July and Presidential elections and the announcement of the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders and Jerusalem as its capital in September , this enforce us as youth to be up to our responsibility of achieving the best political and social system in our country.

Even though all efforts to reach a national unity government have failed so far, I think that it’s up to us, the youth, to take steps forward and announce a National Unity shadow government that includes all Palestinian factions. I am very certain we can do that. This shadow government main roll will be to monitor any future government and offer solutions to its mistakes. 

We should not stop at this point only, but we should take the initiative and reach out to Arab and international sides, mainly the youth in the Arab world, and explain to them the importance and goals of this move, then take it to the international level and seek recognition as is the case with the British Shadow government, which I do not want to take much about in this article.

Our roll as youth should not stop at mobilizing people in the street to pressure leaders of this country to end the Hamas Fatah division and the internal split that we live in, we can do much more, as youth we have great responsibilities, since we mobilized for the first time in years, then we should not stop at this point, we have to continue.

It’s time to announce a Shadow government in Palestine, to leave up to your responsibilities in achieving democracy, social justice, independent Judiciary, and space for the creative youth.  The time is right to take this step and make everyone responsible and involved in this historic move, not for the sake of our political groups or individual benefits, but for the sake of our country and people.  

If the Shadow government sees the light, it will for sure sends a clear message to everyone the “The Youth Can. What the Egyptian and Tunisian Youth did, and what the youth in Libya and Yemen is doing and hopefully in other places, their Ambition knows no limit.

PNN Editor in Chief