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Israel and the Coming Revolution

Fadi Abu Sa’da* Israel may look unwary of what is happening in the Arab world, or appear to monitor the situation with great interest and using very diplomatic public statements. In fact Israel maybe the one to be effected directly by what happened and what is happening in the Arab world weather on the level of the new democracies in the Arab countries, or mutual relations, civil and military ones, adding to that the peace deals and it engagement  of refusing the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative.

The fundamental problem is the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who had never gave anything to what used be known as the peace process, because its at hold now, it is also said that Netanyahu will announce a new initiative for peace during his visit to Washington, we know that he will not get a response from the white house simply because he is known for his endless maneuvers and does not have credibility when it comes to commitment.

The other problem is the head of the Israeli diplomacy, people like Lieberman, the problem maker to Israel, the one with the an usual statements against Palestinians that does not serve any developments in the peace process or the future relations between Israel and Palestine, also what is known about him of creating tension in relations with what are called the friends of Israeli, so how this man fit to serve his country!

We never saw that peace may come one day, nothing indicates to that except some signs of hope under this region controlled by those politicians, in light of political fractions, unstable government in risk of collapse at any moment, regardless of Netanyahu efforts to stop this collapse. There are many signs indicating revolution coming inside Israel, weather for high living coasts which lead the government to take some steps, or the corruption that is infested among Israeli leaders, or the democracy Israel thinks it has, in fact it’s a democracy of special standards that no longer fit in Israel or anywhere in the world.

I think that Israel no long the most users of the term “Courageous Decisions”. They have to take such steps now and not latter, not because the situation internally can last for long, but because the peace process is on its way to explosion by September at the most, as also the case in the international isolation of Israel which became more clear than before in the latest American Veto in the UN. 

This conflict has taken so long time, and now its end is unavoidable. Israel has to choose between real Just Peace, or an unprecedented case of isolation in face of the new democracies around it, which for sure will have different positions that what it was before. The Israeli people have to say its last word and unify for peace away from the increasing radicalism inside the Israeli society.

The writer is the Palestine News Network, PNN Editor in Chief