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Israel and its Fear of Popular Revelations!

Fadi Abu Sada* - It was long known that Israel fights culture, I still remember from my childhood time back in the 80s before the first Intifada who Israel used to arrest Palestinian youth for simply reading especially political books.

It is also known that Israel does not fear military power simply because it always had the most advanced military arsenal, backed by the USA, for security reasons of course.

What is very strange is what Israel is doing these days, like announcing the start of preparations and trainings for its troops to counter popular revolution in the Palestinian territories. What is also strange the Israeli media reports about new plans by the Israeli army to counter such revolution if it happens and connecting it with the fact that the world may recognize the Palestinian state in September.

Israel have been in war by many surrounding countries, it also countered two Palestinian intifadas, but why it fears a possible popular revolution? Do Israel think the occupation will last forever? Or Israel got used of war and became unacceptable for its leaders to accept the change that is happing in the Arab world!

The popular revolution that Israel prepares for are coming for sure if no diplomatic and international solution  is reached, the nonviolence resistance has a  very old history in Palestine , and Israel know that. Since 1920 the nonviolence movement started in Palestine when 300 women gathered in Jerusalem, in the 80s Mubarak Awad was deported by Israeli for believing in this resistance and had a center for studying it in Jerusalem, so what is new?

No one can hide the fact that Israel fight anything that help Palestinians to a better life, it fights culture, sports, and economy as well, building is forbidden but they allow the “Natural expansion of Settlements”, they restrict freedom of travel, and much more, doesn’t that lead to a revolution? And why Israel noticed this now?

The question here now is where is the Israeli society and what it thinks about all what is happening? Did all peace movements in Israel die? Where is the youth, the new generation, are they happy with their leaders? No one left Israel who believes in coexistence and peace on this holy land? Why we do not hear those voices anymore in Israel?

The Israeli community in general, and youth in particular, must answer a lot of questions if they are to take the initiative and take control of their future. We have answered our questions but the only voices we hear from Israel is the right wingers and settlers, we never heard the youth and the civil society voices, well we hear them soon or it’s all gone! Waiting for an answer.

The writer is the Palestine News Network, PNN Editor in Chief