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Obama and the Arab Spring

Fadi Abu Sada – “Events of the past six months show us that strategies of repression and strategies of diversion will not work anymore.” US President Barak Obama said in his speech, for sure he forgot to notice that the Palestinian people have been enduring oppression for the past 63 years; as if all those years is not good enough to prove to president Obama that the Israeli occupation is no longer effective against the Palestinian people and Arabs in general.

When President Obama said “in too many countries, power has been concentrated in the hands of a few” he overlooked that this is the same in Israel, the power are in the hand of the few radical Jews lead by Prime Minister Netanyahu, and a group of mass murders who committed crimes against humanity against the Palestinian and Lebanese people, it looks that President Obama does not know where Israel is located or how it was created!  

If the future of the United States is really connected to the Middle East as President Obama said. Why President Obama and his administration did not move a bit against the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian lands. Did he forget what he said during his Cairo speech when he said that the conflict in the Middle East is connected to the National Security of the US? Maybe he forgets in contrary to what he said in his speech that he is committed to his past promises.

President Obama saw that “efforts to delegitimize Israel will end in failure” and “Symbolic actions to isolate Israel at the United Nations in September won’t create an independent state”. Israel had an answer for Obama, as he was giving his speech Israeli approved 1500 new settlers’ homes in occupied Jerusalem; so he allows Israeli to do what it wants and deny us the right to go to the UN and threaten us in this way!

If “It’s not America that put people into the streets” in the middle east as Obama said, then he should stop speaking for the Israelis and let the Palestinians decide their fate, we went to the streets, on the Friday of March to Palestine, on May 15, when we commemorate our Nakba, this will continue and will not stop until we achieve our freedom and we will get it.

President Obama always spook about his and Israel’s fears from the Palestinian reconciliation, so we should deepens it, he talked a lot about the security of Israel, he must understand how fragile this security is, it enough to look at what unarmed Palestinian refugees did at the Lebanese and Syrian borders.

Hamas was right when it deemed Obama speech as not important and did not provide anything new. Also president Abbas was right when he said that the Palestinian people are in need to decide its fate and get rid of the occupation. We only need to unify our strategies to make our spring away from the media stunts of President Obama that he does since he came to power. 

We only demand our rights, as long as there is one Palestinian child left, will not give up our right of return and self-determination, as Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish once said, on this land there is something worth living for.