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The world and usno changes!!

Fadi Abu Sada

Even after forty years of occupying Jerusalem, the city of all religions, the American congress still sending greetings to Israel for the occupation, this is away from the non stopping financial support that Israel get from the States under the pressure of the Zionist lobby which control all decision making circles in the USA.

As for Europe, despite the secularism that may appear in the image, and despite the democracy that appears through the difference of opinions regarding the main issues in the world, there are also no changes, and it becomes clear that they don’t want to play any major role in the Middle East.

And for the Arab League, you can talk with no embarrassment, as the best you can get is a condemnation statement, for anything against the Arab countries in general, and the Palestinian Israeli conflict in particular, and all we got after 40 years of the occupation, is a criticizing statement to the US congress for greeting Israel for its occupation.

What about us the Palestinians? Is their any change after 40 years for the West Bank and Gaza Strip and Jerusalem under occupation? Did we even try to have a strategy to get rid of the longest occupation in the contemporary history? I have doubt about that!!

Unfortunately nothing changed; Barely there is still something Palestinian in Jerusalem, this holy city, after being surrounded by the Israeli settlements, and destroyed by the wall, and its people isolated from it, and imprisonment for the rest of the people under the conditions and the laws of the occupation.

And the current situation applies to the rest of the areas in The West Bank and Gaza Strip, that to be free, while the truth is that the occupation is still present in each angle of it, on its dust and sky, and even on the territorial water.

After 40 years under occupation, are we still having the last chance? Can we do something before it’s too late? I hope at least we have answers for these questions to get back some of the hope that we already lost, to be able to do something on the ground, not just in words!