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Johnston & the infighting until when!!

Fadi Abu Sada

Where ever you go in this world to attend a media conference or meeting, you will be asked for Alan Johnston kidnapped, and to face a whole team of the BBC, to remind you that they were the only agency to decide to keep a foreign correspondent in the Gaza Strip, not like other agencies who decided to employee Palestinians instead of foreigners for their safety.

They just wanted to make sure he’s still alive, and thank God that the video tape which showed him alive came while we were together at the Asia Media Summit in Kuala Lumpur, they all asked me how come I participate in a media conferences to achieve the freedom of press in my country while we still have Johnston kidnapped?

Yes how come we ask for freedom of press and expression? How can we keep the free voice while Johnston is passing the third month kidnapped in Gaza? It’s a real shame and against what we “the media people” are trying to do to keep up the free voice in our country.

Then you have to face another kind of attack from the same people about the infighting, and the chaos around West Bank and Gaza Strip that we can’t deny anymore.

Why you are fighting? This is how it begins… do you have a state yet that you wanted to share authority and authorities? What about the refugees?  Isn’t it that Israel completes the separation wall while we are fighting each other? What about settlements? You have deviated from things you wanted to have, and things seems to be out of control!! This is how they think about us.

Yes, we have deviated with greater degrees of what others may imagine; we have to end the shameful case of kidnapping journalists forever, to keep up the free voice in our country, as well as the infighting case to be solved not by sharing the cake between some parties, but to get the whole Palestinian case back to it’s right road, that we can achieve our dream, for liberation, for having independent state, for living in peace, and for keeping up the free voice in our country.