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Solana dont go

Fadi Abu Sada

Since I was young, I was dreaming to study a topic that would lead me to become a diplomat.  This is because I love my country and wanted to send it’s message to the whole world. Today, I wish that I’m a diplomat in this moment after I heard about the meeting between Javier Solana and the Israeli FM in Sedrot, north of Gaza Strip.

If you were, Mr. Solana, forced to go to Sderot which is under the Palestinian resistance rockets, because the Israelis wanted to tell you how the Palestinians are “terrorists” I’m a more than sure that you know what the Palestinians are getting from the Israelis!!

Mr. Solana, if they wanted you to be their as an eyewitness for what’s happening, I’m a bit sure that you know the real reason for that, which is that we are still under Israeli occupation, and we just passed the 59 memory of this occupation few days ago…do you remember that!!

Allow me Mr. Solana while you agreed to go their, as Israel is known for its clever diplomacy, to ask you will you go to meet our Prime Minister Ismael Hannieh that you boycott in Gaza? Or our Foreign Minister that you already met, but this time in Beit Hanoun? I doubt about that!!.

Why Mr. Solana you agreed to do something for one side, but refusing the same thing for the other side? Why you agreed to go to Sderot, and not go to Gaza even for car tour? I know Sir how in Europe you hate to hear the term “double standards’” and I’m not going to use it, but will you let me know what does your decision mean?

If I was a diplomat and had the chance to talk to you before you go their, I will advice you not to go, If I was a diplomat, I would ask you to meet up in Gaza, If I was a diplomat I would come to Brussels to tell you about all mistakes against the Palestinians.

You don’t know Mr. Solana how happy we were to know that you are leading the negotiations with the Iranians about their nuclear weapons, as your diplomacy is much better than the Americans, and you may forget how many times we called you for more political role for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, not to have you in our side but because you are a fair party after the Americans lost that already.

Any way, I just wanted to act as a diplomat for a moment, and advice to think again about your decision, and if there is no way to cancel it, please think about us the Palestinians, and would you tell us to understand what you are doing!