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So we dont die

Fadi Abu Sada

During the shameful infighting in the Gaza Strip, we felt for a while that we lost everything, or that we were even dieing as a nation, it was the worst feeling ever for Palestinians, between the hell of the occupation and the hell of the infighting.

You forgot and neglected that we are still under occupation, while we are passing the Nakba memory… you fight with all your rights, but you forget your duties, yes gentlemen, your duties to the Palestinian people, those people who didn’t forget the Nakba, while you are fighting, who were always on your side, and hoping for so many things from you.

So we don’t die, and with all the pain we have inside us, we’re raising our voices again, that we are still here, want to resist the occupation, against the infighting, against the muzzling of the journalists mouths as if they are part of this infighting.

So we don’t die, wanted to remind you that the people are the ones who remain till the end, nothing else will remain, not the authority, not a government that appoints itself forever, not positions, and no titles that keep its holder till the end of the world, yes gentlemen we the people only who will remain.

You gentlemen fought, but we are united, united against the occupation, united for the liberation dream, and we will stay so, this is the truth, will not be affected by your shameful infighting, even if it’s very hard and painful for us to handle.

We are resisting the occupation, resisting the injustice we are living through, resisting not loosing the hope living in peace one day, which is much more difficult and painful than resisting the occupation only.

While Gaza fell down between your fighting and the occupation, there is still places that refuses to surrender, and still resisting, Bil’in still disobeyed for the occupation, Um Salamona still resist with it’s people, and Jerusalem still resisting with it’s olive trees.

As for you, please keep fighting, and we’ll keep resisting till the end with our own way….you just stay away from our path, and we’re very fine.