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Then what do we want!!

Fadi Abu Sada

We are not sure what we want. Are we looking for our freedom and having our independent state? Or is it impossible after the terrible infighting in the streets of Gaza?  Do we even care or have we surrendered which is something we didn’t do in fifty nine years occupation!!

Thank you, for making us feel humiliated in the eyes of the world, while we never allowed showing the occupation any success in making us feel so. Real thanks, as we now hate ourselves because of you, thanks a lot, as we felt shame being Palestinians, even with the love we have for our nationality.

Yes, we do know that everybody in this world hates us, but you made us even outcasts after this shameful infighting. Is all of this for the authority? Is it for positions? for titles? What is useful for the human if gained the world and lost himself!! Congratulations for what you got.

What shall I say… we don’t want the Palestinian Authority, we don’t want a government that only claims to be unity one, while its leaders fight.  I’m not shy to say it’s easier for us to handle the occupation humiliation, than the level of humiliation you forced us to reach, it’s easier to handle another fifty nine years under occupation, than seeing the Palestinian blood this cheep.

How can we handle the shame of hearing some Europeans talking about the idea of sending foreign troops to separate us from each other? How can that happen while some of you asking for Arabic troops to separate between brothers, and Mecca “2″ to solve disagreements between you.

We have nothing to feel sorrow about, as we lost everything, we can’t feel pain anymore as we are bleeding, but this time with our hands, we can’t cry anymore, as we lost all feelings.

We lost the control; we can’t feel anymore that there is somebody leading us towards our dreams, towards each single refugee in the Diaspora, I think you have to choose once and forever, either we fight for liberation or we fight for positions in an Authority that is not worth it!!