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The dirty infighting

Fadi Abu Sada

The infighting has come back again to the streets; the fear of a Palestinian civil war is being raised again, as if the fighting had ever stopped. Since they talked about the Mecca agreement the infighting continued but at a lower scale and was ignored by the media.  Now it has exploded again; in the streets, refugee camps, and hospitals…blood is everywhere.

In spite if the international embargo and pressure imposed on Palestinians, that should unite us, and in spite of the Israeli threats to attack the Gaza Strip that should put all our efforts together to defend our lives, we are now back to killing each others, and our weapon strayed their way once again.

While the Israelis are celebrating their occupation of us, and celebrating what they call “Jerusalem day” which is our “Catastrophe”  we insist on hurting ourselves more and more and destroying ourselves to the end…How strange can this be?

Did you forget that you swore on the Book of Allah in Mecca that you will not fall back to the infighting? Or you don’t care anymore? Didn’t the efforts of Arab mediation or even the other Palestinian factions work at all? Or are the goals of this infighting not known to us anymore?

This infighting is a shame on each single Palestinian, and if it happened that we got a little hope after the unity government, you made us loose it all, not just the hope that the embargo will be removed, but even having our freedom in a democratic state.

You have killed the brotherhood feeling inside us! You succeeded to kill everything beautiful we dreamed about! A big congratulations to you dear gentleman if this was what you were looking for after all these years of resisting the occupation!!

Please continue this shameful infighting if you lost the feeling of the land… the freedom. But do not speak in our name and leave us alone resisting in our own way, as we still have strong feelings and will continue until the end.