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The Nakba Memories

Fadi Abu Sada

Fridays, I love to take my morning coffee only with my grandfather and grandmother, especially the stories they keep telling me about the past days, Palestinian proverbs, and the simple life they lived, and while we are passing the Nakba memories these days, I asked them for more information about the first days at 1967 war (the Nakba).

My grandmother told me that the first day of the war was Monday, and my grandfather has left to Amman with the Jordanian Army, with his friend Kareem, my father at that time was 17 but he went to volunteer with the civil defense, mainly at the city center of Bethlehem to keep looking toward Saint Elias church north of Bethlehem (Jerusalem) to monitor the Israeli bombing and troops.

Early in the morning at the first day of the war, my grandfather’s friend (Kareem) left Amman towards Ramallah as he was working with army as a wireless expert, but before midnight he went back, my grandfather could infer that the situation was not going well on their side.

The war ended quickly as known, and we got the Israeli occupation in Palestine, while my grandfather was still in Amman, doesn’t know how to come back home, especially with a lot of rumors that his house was bombed which means the loss of his family.

No real choices were available for him, he with another friend, paid one Jordanian Dinnar to get to the Jordanian river, and by watching the Israeli troops on the borders; they succeeded to pass to the Palestinian side towards Jericho, after walking and walking between mountains and Valleys, they caught a taxi by chance from Jericho to Bethlehem.

He still remembers that the family was starving without any little piece of bread, he was having 7JDs with him which was his salary from the Jordanian army, he gave his father 2JDs and he went and bought a flour bag to be able to make something to eat.

My Grandmother said that she can’t forget the Nakba days as it happened yesterday, and what hurts her more that we are still under the same occupation after those years, without any little light at the end of the tunnel that we will have our Palestinian state one day!.