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A Pervert International Community

Fadi Abu Sada

It wasn’t a big surprise to the Palestinians what was reported by Israeli television, regarding the American and European position rejection of an Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip.  The international community, whom I prefer to describe as “pervert”, is in full support of Israel, and therefore attacking the  Gaza Strip would shift the pressure imposed on the Palestinian Authority to Israel, which is not what they hope to happen.  They also provide a free advice to Israel.

Yes, it is the truth that did not want to hear.  They get furious when the word “ double standards” is used to describe their attitudes regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Palestinian Authority, including the unity government have fulfilled their demands although not fully, yet the international community is not satisfied, and they continue to impose the embargo against the Palestinian people.

On one hand, the United States of America is clearly in full support of Israel, and therefore, it is a waste of time to discuss this issue.  On the other hand, the European Union’s attitude it is unfair for the Palestinians, and is unable to take steps to become a key player in the Middle East Conflict in general and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular, instead the EU believes that it is enough to financially support the Palestinian Authority.

Regrettably, Europe is submissive to the USA and its rude policy in the region.  The EU, which seems to be an important and influential large entity, is penetrated by the Americans, so they lack a unified position towards the Palestinian issue.  What makes it worse is the increase in the right wingers in the European leadership.  The latest was the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy in the French elections, who is described as Israel’s friend.

As long as the embargo is still wrongfully imposed, and the civil unrest is dominating the Palestinian territories and as long as there are no light at the end of the tunnel so far, given that the United States and Europe advise Israel not to attack Gaza, the image has become more visible.. They are willing to see the Palestinians again in the streets killing each other in a sever civil war..

Unfortunately, we did not move limp to end this the Palestinian territories, and the National Unity that followed the Makkah agreement, is fake, or for moral support only, which almost does not exist, and it seems we are moving towards the abyss on our own feet, and we seem to be satisfied with it.

In Turkey, regardless of the cause, on  million took to the streets to express their rejection of some changes in their country.  What we have done to stop the chaos? Are we no longer to capable of influencing or even to expressing our opinion regarding the situation we live in? Or is it that all the others, including some Palestinians managed to make is a flock of sheep following their shepherd without knowing the destination?

We are dealing with a pervert International Community… a pervert time under an occupation that continues to become extremely pervert and what makes it worse is that we are also becoming perverts, but we can stop it.