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Initiatives market always down

Fadi Abu Sada,

Political and security plans and initiatives without interruption to the Palestinians in particular and the Palestinian and Israeli sides in general, the argument is an attempt to build bridges of confidence between the parties, who says that confidence could be restored by stopping Palestinian resistance equal removing several checkpoints on roads of the West Bank, this is if Israel agreed to remove!.

 It was really humiliating, that the American Inanity toward the Palestinian reach this lower level, providing such a plan “resistance equals the checkpoints”, as if they were aware that the Palestinian side has accepted this … It is a matter of concern and a lot of questions.

Worse, there is a reservation most of the items on the Israeli side, which does not mean anything to the Palestinian side! The strangest thing is the disclosure that the plan was prepared in November 2005, and presented at this time only to cover for the American Wallowing in the mud of Iraq and the attempt to rescue the Israeli side of the scandal finograd report on Lebanon war.

It has been said, publicly and in the words of many officials of Hamas, Fatah and the presidency, the government, that the continued siege on the Palestinians would mean the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, and with such an American initiative, showing absolutely no doubt, that the United States is not interested in lifting the blockade on Palestinians.

I think it’s the optimum solution ever, if the internal Palestinian dialogue has agreed on the principle of activating the PLO and Hamas accession, in particular, and other factions under the umbrella, why keeping the Palestinian Authority? Will continue to keep pressure by the international community pervert? Or turn on the pressure to become on the Israeli side, and study and evaluation the PLO work plans! Which can undoubtedly lead the people towards the issue and independent state?.

the time issue was not on our side ever, but in favor of Israel towards further prevarication, why not take the lead even once, and surprise the world with new steps, and throw the ball to the Israeli side forever, and concern ourselves with what is most important is our internal affairs and our devolved to the gutter?.

You always depend on the Palestinian people and never felt sorry for this not even once, why not bet once again, and if you don’t want to do so, who are you betting on? I think that you have to move quickly before it is too late …