Palestinian struggle turned to be Abbas Mashal meeting

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 April 2012 10:56
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Fadi Abu Sada

One year already passed for the Palestinian legislative elections, when Hamas took over the Palestinian Authority, still, there is no change to the internal and external Palestinian situation; things are even going backwards in both directions.

At the external level, and since Hamas lead the government, we the Palestinians were isolate government and people under siege, in particular on the financial level, at the internal level, even it seems relatively calm, but Palestinians are fighting each others.

Recent talk is just about to the meeting that could be held or not between President Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Mashaal, head of Hamas, in the Syrian capital Damascus, and if such a meeting will be held, what are the results of it, and if the meeting didn’t take place, you may think that things will remain as they are, and there is no change with regard to the unity government or internal situation.

Is the Palestinian case now, Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Mashaal! And if the meeting took a place and agreement, will we have the unity government! And if they don’t will get back to internal fighting, and no government, and we will stay under siege!

It’s really hurting when forget the greatest things, which is the Israeli occupation, with all it’s meaning, such as settlement and the apartheid wall, prisoners and refugees, the borders and Jerusalem and even checkpoints, while talking about little things such as the PLO and how to share the cake, or the Palestinian government, and how to share the ministries, or a meeting might be held or not.

All Palestinian factions, and cultural trends, social, and NGOs, and all the frames in the Palestinian Diaspora, statements are issued, and appeals to the success of the Abbas Mashaal summit, what happened to all! To act this cheap way, without any little affect.

I’m not going to wish the success of the Abbas Mashaal summit, don’t care even if it will be held or not, as the summit should succeed, if we are thinking of the national interest, and if we only love and care for this country and it’s people.

Otherwise, I do not believe that anyone has the right to demand a new government, or to break the siege imposed on the Palestinians, or the removal of the wall, or reduce checkpoints, or even a Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as the capital or without, or the end of the occupation on the Palestinian land.