When you feel loosing your humanity!!!

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Fadi Abu Sada

Fadi… A raid on Beit Hanoun, a lot of martyrs …Fadi… Israelis fired missiles on a car in Rafah, their are martyrs and wounded people, Fadi… the Israelis attacked an ambulance in Jabalia killing five Palestinians including the driver, this is a quick view to the long hours and harsh moments we live on a daily basis in Palestine.

Three days have elapsed since the bloody Gaza Strip in particular, In the Palestinian territories in general. More than 40 killed and a hundred injured. During the ongoing Israeli military operations, against what Israel call (the infrastructure of Palestinian terrorism).

The black Friday, was the sharpest and most days not only to the Palestinians in Gaza, But for all mankind.

Friday was harsh from the early-morning hours; it did wake of surrounding a mosque in Beit Hanoun, Thus Israel’s willingness to demolish the mosque.

The sight of women moving out of Beit Hanoun those bound to the streets to the mosque to save the besieged resistance, one killed and others, the wonderful scene in the popular resistance, against the occupation.

The women went out to the streets only with faith; do not carry anything in their hands at all, but how to reach the mosque to save the besieged, and they succeeded in that.

It’s hurting to loose humanity even if it was for moments, and to deal with the martyrs and wounded people as numbers.

Very hurting you see the world around you see the horror of genocide against them, they are still calling for the exercise of maximum restraint from the occupation.

That is really hurting as a journalist, the dealing with the people as numbers, while you are dieing slowly, because of the killing of your people.

Blood scattered everywhere, and people around you have lost their humanity, Seated, No one moves in an attempt not only to save you but to relieve you. And you have to continue in this life, in an attempt to maintain glimmer of hope for a better day, for a better future.