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The siege when it goes Inhuman!!

Fadi Abu Sada

It hurts when you know about any human who got cancer, but it hurts more when you know that this person couldn’t get the medicine, and you got crazy when you know it’s not because of its high coast of this kind of medicine (each piece of this medicine coast more than 500$) but it’s forbidden for Palestinians, because of the international siege on Palestinians.

Yes true, a Palestinian medicine supplier confirmed that, this kind of medicine is not in Palestine for a month now, and when ever they ask for it from the branch of the American company in Tel Aviv, it didn’t come to them, and they got an answer that their request forwarded to Washington DC with no answer till now.

It’s confirmed now that the reason of not getting this medicine is because the company is American, and they are following the international siege on Palestinians after Hamas took over the authority, so it’s forbidden.

Its shame to see people dieing in front of you, with nothing to do, its real shame to know that the reason they are dieing not just because of the cancer but also because they are Palestinians under siege, siege of inhuman.

The people still waiting for a solution for this case, while it seems with no success even before it begins as there is a decision already made by the company, and the international community.