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Rumors game shouldnt be played in Palestine

Fadi Abu Sada

It seems nobody cares anymore for the PA employees if they got their salaries or not, nobody cares if Israel will release Palestinian prisoners or not, what they care about is who talk to the press, to be on the front page of all newspapers, radio stations and satellite channels.

The last few months, everybody noticed the huge number of rumors about the salaries and prisoners, and the way it affected the people related to these issues, while each single one in Palestine affected in a way.

The number of the PA employees, 160 thousand people, but their salaries affected more than one million Palestinian. Prisoner’s number in the Israeli jails is 10 thousand Palestinians, and it’s known that each single house in Palestine contains a prisoner.

No problem at all if these rumors turned real, but it does hurt when it’s only rumors. As for the employees, salaries are the only subject in their life, day and night, and we are turning to the ninth month now with no changes.

The real pain of these rumors is for the prisoners themselves inside the Israeli jails, which are waiting moment by moment to be released, by deal of exchanging prisoners with the Israeli soldier in Gaza.

It’s a real shame to use rumors under any circumstances for personal, political, or any reason to hurt people more than they are already hurt. Rumors shouldn’t be used and we should stop it immediately.