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I feel pain, but still can resist it

Fadi Abu Sada

It’s the end of the eighth month of the siege by Israel and the international community on Palestine and Palestinians, since Hamas took over the authority after the latest election in the Palestinian territories.

We still not able to reach an agreement, we want unity government, or Technocrats one, is it under Oslo agreement or the prisoners one, or maybe the Arab Peace Initiative.

I feel a bad headache, and couldn’t control its pain, I can’t blame the head of its pain, when you find yourself not even participate in thinking about how to get out of such a situation we are passing, and we must all take responsibility.

We are not hungry for bread, but thirsty for freedom, and by this way, we are getting very far from it day by day.

I feel like the drug addicted, no drugs now would control my pain, while in the past I was able to control it, as the last few months most of the political parties were talking about agreements very soon, with no success.

Despite of the hard pain, I will resist, as no one can live without hope, and the pain could be a stage, when you pass it, sure it will be for better one.