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Daily life for Palestinians under occupation

Fadi Abu Sada

Its was few minutes before seven o’clock in the morning, It’s the time when my daily trip begins from my house, to the office to begin a new day, between news and reports, breaking news, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The nature of my neighborhood, closed to the countryside, full of olive trees. My house is in Bethlehem next to the settlement of Abu Ghneim, one of the neighborhoods of
Jerusalem these days.

While I was waiting for a car of my neighbors to get to the city center, which is 2 kilometers away from my home, I have been following the beautiful sight of the people from the city and surrounding villages, during the olive harvest, in the fields around our house, and the rain had begun falling out, It was really beautiful feeling and nice view to begin my day.

The beauty of this morning did not last more than few moments, I am still waiting for someone to pick me up, I heard gunshots around me. And I started to see the Israeli military jeeps attacking the people who were busy with the olive harvest in their land. The soldiers where arguing that the fields are closed to the security wall surrounding the settlement of Abu Ghneim.

I was alone in the street, Most of the people in the neighborhood are in the vacation for Al Fitr Eid, I noticed that one of the Israeli jeeps moves quickly and coming towards me, I did not want to face them since the morning, I runaway quickly to my house. The jeep arrived to the place where I was waiting; the soldiers came down from the jeep and stayed in place for several minutes before returning towards the fields.

I got back again to the street, I was holding my laptop with me, hoping to find a car as soon as possible to avoid facing the Israeli soldiers. Especially since the morning began beautiful to me even if it was for a little while.

At that moment, a neighbor of me was hunting around his field, He was shooting for some birds, at that moment I only have in mind the Israeli soldiers, and the impression that the shots were fired towards them.

I have no choice than running again towards my house before they arrive, as I was the only one in the street, which means that I will be face to face with them, and already fled moments before they arrived, they were trying to know the source of fire, before leaving again towards the olive fields.

I succeed to get a car to the city center, then to the office. Usually Before I begin my working day, I turn on my computer, and I go to prepare the morning coffee with a cigarette and then begin working.

While I was drinking the coffee, it came to my mind what happened in the neighborhood, the beautiful view of the people picking olives, and the rain falling down on them and their fields, even if I was forced to run early in the morning, I smiled, and back to begin working, because what happened is normally for most of the Palestinians even with different scenarios.