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Why kidnapping an eyewitness for Palestinians!!!!

Fadi Abu Sada

In spite of bad situation we are passing in Palestine, in spite of loosing supporters while fighting each others and leaving Israel who occupying or land, again we went back to kidnapping journalists, this time, Spanish photographer who work with the AP in Gaza Strip.

This Spanish photographer, who supposed to send his photos to show the whole world, the reality in Palestine, to tell them how is our life going under occupation,.

The Spanish photographer, was able to show the world, how Palestinians spent their Eid, Burying our people who were killed by the Israelis, first day of the Eid.

I can understand how much we are Frustrated from this life being under occupation since we born, but I’m sure this is not the right way to show or to tell that to the world.

I can understand that the world doesn’t care much about our life, but we should care about the way this world looking to us.

This is a big mistake that we have done many times before, and we should end it as soon as we can, while we are part of this world.

I do feel sorry for kidnapping this photographer, and I wanted to make sure that the whole world knows this is not a habit for Palestinians who are trying to send a message to the world.

But while trying to release the photographer, try to care more about Palestinians, understand their pain, and think about the whole conflict and how to solve it.

We do deserve a better life…