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Goodbye to Reuters Cameraman Fadel Shanaa

Fadi Abu Sada- It seems is not enough to bid farewell to those killed on a daily basis; the funerals are not enough. Today we are bidding farewell to one of our own. He is Reuters cameraman, Fadal Shana’a, in the Gaza Strip. His absence was created by the Israeli war machine, which originally did not stop at killing our parents and loved ones. This is the price of our struggle for freedom, and our efforts, as journalists, to deliver our message to the entire world.

Fadel is not the first one, and certainly not the last. The Israeli occupation still continues, but the loss is too big to handle, and the pain is huge, not only for his people, his family and his friends, but we the people in the media and journalists, who continue to receive one hit after another, despite our attempts to remain constantly steadfast and careful, in spite of our knowledge that our own deaths would not garner more than a press release or condemnation.

I did not know Fadel personally, did not speak to him even once, but those who lived with him and his friends talked to me and said much about him. Fadel was not only a cameraman for Reuters, but was an “amiable creature,” described as a “very simple guy.” His dreams were simple; like building a little house to move into after getting married.

Fadel dreamed to travel outside the Gaza Strip, and to see the world as it is, and now he has traveled, but this time without any chance of return. He traveled by a harsh order from the Israelis. Fadel was not expecting to die, even when asked about the danger of his work and whether the threat of death would prevent him from continuing as a cameraman in the Gaza Strip.

Fadel left during a time that all Palestinians and journalists alike are trying to survive. All are targets of the Israelis, who intentionally killed him. But they were unable to prevent him from portraying Wednesday’s massacre perpetrated by in the Gaza Strip. The actions of the Israelis were captured on film until the last, horrendous moment, and the tape, which was in his camera, confirmed that.

Fadel, until the last moment of his life which was taken by Israel, continued working on sending the message of the Palestinian people to the entire world. I am not ashamed to say that this world is very perverted. It sees such a crime, which disappeared Fadel from us, and continues to be silent or issues a simple statement of condemnation.

Goodbye my friend, who I do not know, goodbye my dear colleague who everyone wished to work with. Despite the acrimony of the farewell, and sorrowful permanent departure, I am telling you that we will continue to use what you taught us all about work and ethics. We have God for the pain we feel, and it seems omnipresent in our lives, and certain that the pain will continue. You may rest in peace.